Hi There!

Thanks for stopping by my website.
May I share for just a moment what this website and I am about?
I’ve been about the business, the privilege and the opportunity of helping people make changes since the 70s.
I’ve searched for, studied, researched, and designed systems and modalities that will:
     * Manifest lasting change with specific problems or issues
     * Be in alignment with spiritual law  and principles
     * Be both simple and safe
    *  Work lightning fast compared to most other therapies
    * Resolve issues on the deepest of core levels
    * Be able to be done remotely or in person
    * Can be explained in a simple concise way to most people
    * Be reasonable, affordable and not take a long time for results
    * In many cases be something that can be taught to  appropriate candidates
 I’m known for my groundbreaking work with my hypnosis, NLP, past life regression, and dowsing amongst other things.
I’ve worked with thousands of people since the 1970s. I’ve been on radio, TV and cited extensively in more than one book.
I served as  the national president of the American Society of Dowsers for four years after presenting at almost every conference since the early 90’s.
I have actually trained and become certified in many of over 70 different modalities and healing systems.
My background in the mental health professions has shown me what doesn’t work, and propelled me to find things that did!
I’ve drawn information from ancient systems of indigenous cultures as well as the leading research now being developed.
I have uniquely combined a multitude of modalities to help people make powerful, dramatic change … safely, quickly and easily.
I’m here to be of service to you.


Next Steps…

Are you tired of looking for answers, hoping, praying, wishing and trying almost anything for relief and peace of mind?
Are you open to looking outside the box of the traditional medical model and other things you’ve been taught would give you results?
Can you consider that everything is just energy,  vibration , & frequency and can be influenced in a positive way?
Then let’s chat !  I’ve made it remarkably easy.
Let’s discuss:
  * What are your challenges or issues?   What have you already tried to get resolution?
  * What can be reasonably done about them, what’s involved and how long will it take?
  * Are you sincerely ready for change? Do you feel that you deserve it?
  * Any questions that you might have, or more information that you need.
  * How soon can you get scheduled for an appointment and get the results you want?
Don’t wait any longer, it’s been long enough don’t you think?
Contact my office now and I will get back to you very promptly.
I look forward to us working together to get the results you desire, and deserve!


To make an appointment, please make contact with Sandee using the phone number or Contact form BELOW…